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Welding technology of high current terminal block a large electrical connector product has dozens or hundreds of solder joints or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of solder joints. Failure of any one of them may affect the work of the whole connector. If after the whole circuit is welded, it is found that the circuit is not working properly, and then to find out the invalid solder joint is undoubtedly looking for a needle in a haystack.

Therefore, the quality of each solder joint should be guaranteed as much as possible, which is the basic link to improve the quality and reliability of the whole high current terminal. Next, Chuangqi electric appliance introduces the basic knowledge of welding technology. Any connector product is connected by basic electronic components according to the working principle of the circuit with a certain process method. To achieve a stable connector between these plug-in components, it is necessary to use welding technology.

Welding technology is divided into three categories, namely fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing. Among them, brazing is a method of joining solid metals together by heating and melting them into liquid metal. And soldering electronic components commonly used solder, is a kind of brazing. Tin welding is a method of fusing lead tin solder into the gap of weldment to connect it.

Tin soldering is widely used in the assembly of wiring blocks. It has the following advantages:

1) the melting point of lead tin solder is low, which is suitable for the connection of semiconductor and other electronic materials;

2) it can be processed with simple heating tools and materials, with less investment;

3) the solder joint has sufficient mechanical strength and electrical properties; 4) the soldering process is reversible and easy to be disassembled. Suitable tools suitable for electric soldering iron, soldering iron head, cleaning soldering iron head for high current terminal. When using, the tools must be in good condition. The influence of different wire connection methods on welding quality is manual soldering iron, especially the safety and applicability of electric iron butt plug-in. The influence of different sizes of pin and welding hole on welding quality of electrical connector.

Next Welding Materials For High Current Terminals And Electrical Connectors
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