What Are The Special Features Of Metal Material Of Electrical Terminal Block?

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The main components of track type terminal include insulating parts, screws, wire pressing frame, fixing parts, etc. All the metals we use are selected, processed and surface treated using the latest technology.

The spring plate of spring type connection is made of imported stainless steel

The steel is galvanized and then provides additional passivation through a yellow chromic acid layer. Such surface protection meets the highest requirements. Experience gained from outdoor climate tests (marine, tropical, industrial, standard) at different locations is used to ensure high quality of surface protection. Even if the galvanized surface is partially damaged or has pores due to scratches, the enhanced surface protection greatly increases its corrosion resistance. Under the action of electrolyte, zinc is negative to iron. The metal ions of zinc will migrate to iron to provide long-term corrosion protection for iron.

The conductive parts, wire frame and screws are made of copper

Copper, brass and phosphor bronze have good electrical conductivity and mechanical properties. In order to meet the requirements of R0HS, the surfaces of these materials are tinned and the contact resistance is very good. In addition to good electrical properties, tin coating has good corrosion resistance.

In addition to rail terminals, circuit board terminals are also our business scope. The solder joint of the circuit board terminal is also tinned. In order to ensure that the solderability is still good after a long storage period, the brass part is first plated with a layer of nickel to prevent the diffusion of tin. The nickel layer effectively prevents the loss of zinc atoms in brass.

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