Terminal Blocks Contribute To The Construction Of Hydropower Station

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The terminal is a component to realize electrical connection, which can be used in all aspects of power connection. It covers PCB terminals, track terminals, miniature, fuse terminals, bare terminals and other types. It is widely used in mechanical control system, electric power control cabinet, motion control and other fields. With the concept of "green manufacturing" put forward, hydropower construction has attracted more attention. A new round of hydropower construction is about to start, and the terminal as the main connector of power system will also usher in new vitality.

At present, nearly one fifth of the world's electricity comes from hydropower. More than 90% of the power demand in 24 countries is provided by hydropower, and the proportion of hydropower in 55 countries is more than 50%. At present, the total installed capacity of hydropower in China has exceeded 300 million kilowatts, accounting for about 27% of the total installed hydropower capacity in the world. There are five hydropower stations in China with the world's top ten installed capacity, and more than half of them are hydro generating units with a single unit capacity of more than 700000 kW.

Due to the particularity of the environment of the power distribution box, control cabinet and other equipment used in hydropower and the complexity of their own lines, the selected terminal blocks must have higher requirements in terms of moisture-proof, marking, etc., which requires the terminal blocks to be more accurate in material selection and marking strip production. Our terminal blocks are made of international advanced material PA66, which can carry out salt spray test for 96 hours, and pass the highest flame retardant level V0 test, which fully meets international standards in terms of performance. At the same time, the marking strip can choose the expression method of numbers, letters and special symbols arbitrarily. The label can be coated with film, self-adhesive, or directly inkjet printing, which can ensure the long-term and clear handwriting. It is a good choice for terminal products required by hydropower construction.

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