Several Suggestions To Ensure The Global Quality Of Terminal Products

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Large manufacturers at home and abroad usually choose foreign brands such as Phoenix and Weidmuller when purchasing terminals, naturally excluding domestic terminals. The reason is that they distrust the brand and doubt the quality. How to change people's impression of terminals what made in China and how to improve the quality of terminals?

1、 Continuous assessment. Risk and compliance need to be managed on an ongoing basis in extended business relationships, but often these relationships are only closely examined at the beginning. This is not appropriate, risk should be assessed continuously throughout the life cycle of the business relationship, so you need to ensure that all processes are in place and can be evaluated on an ongoing basis. These risks will vary from partner to partner and should be considered accordingly. They also need an ongoing assessment of legal and regulatory issues in different markets, not just the markets in which they are located. The most important thing is to solve the problems as soon as possible. All relationships will be difficult to deal with. If they are allowed to exist, they may eventually become serious accidents.

2、 Work with standards and testing organizations. Working with product related testing and standardization organizations is like giving products a shot in advance: it helps to avoid quality problems by ensuring that manufactured products meet international and domestic standards, as well as those of specific trading partner countries. Of course, the earlier the engagement, the better. We should consider working with these organizations at the design stage. Finally, don't forget to deal with the standards and testing organizations of the country or region where the enterprise is manufactured.

3、 The closed-loop monitoring is realized by technical means. It is strongly recommended to consider the use of technology to achieve closed-loop quality of all manufacturing equipment in the network. When they are effectively integrated into a closed-loop quality process, events in any enterprise source can be actively monitored, so that the quality management system can identify potential problems before problems occur. The enterprise sources that need to be monitored include supplier problems, manufacturing non-compliance, complaints, service and audit.

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