How To Select The Terminal Block Of Electrical Equipment? These Strategies Are The Most Practical

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Terminal block selection has always been a hot topic. For those who know the terminal model or have product pictures, you can directly ask the terminal sales personnel. But for the purchase with only some product parameters or even no parameters, buying terminals is a headache.

The following points are mainly considered in the selection of model:

1. Is the wire to be connected hard or flexible?

2. What is the cross-sectional area of the conductor (excluding the sheath)

3. How much current and voltage should the terminal bear?

4. How many holes of connector should be selected?

Each connector, no matter how many holes, is internally conductive. Therefore, we need to connect several wires together, just use connectors with several holes. For example, a four hole connector can connect up to four wires. If only three wires need to be connected, then one hole can be left empty.

Due to the internal conduction of each connector, the live line, zero line and ground wire cannot be inserted into the same connector, otherwise, the short circuit will be caused. Therefore, in any case, one must be used for live line, one for zero line and one for ground wire!

5. Can wires of different thickness be connected to the same connector?

The spring of each hole of our connector is independent. Therefore, wires with different cross-sectional areas can be used safely and reliably as long as they are within the connection range of the connector.

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