What are the common accessories of the distribution box and how does the distribution box dissipate heat?

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What are the rare accessories of the distribution box? Generally, there is a general air switch, which is the power switch of the electrical control cabinet of the whole distribution box. It is a necessary switch for each electrical control cabinet; Relay: PLC can directly transmit the command to the control circuit, but it can also send the relay first, and the relay is sending the control circuit; Wiring terminal: this must be indispensable for each electrical control cabinet. It can be configured according to the number of signals; Switching power supply and ordinary PLC have to have a 24VDC power supply. Of course, this is not relative. This power supply can also be a selective device to see if it is needed.

With the increasingly prominent achievements of Chinese enterprises in high energy consumption and the addition of successful use cases of high-voltage frequency converters from time to time, the processing of distribution cabinet shell has also brought a small number of orders, and the manufacturing accuracy of distribution cabinet, distribution box and meter box is becoming higher and higher among a wide range of international users.

No matter any component using electricity, it will generate heat more or less during the power consumption task. Because these components will have resistance, electricity with resistance will generate heat, but the temperature of components will be reduced after long-term use, and the reduction of temperature will affect the normal use of components. Similarly, the distribution box is the same, which also needs power consumption and heat. For a long time, it will also lead to excessive temperature, affect tasks and delay the normal work schedule; Therefore, the heat dissipation performance of the distribution box has to be considered. Once it is extended, it can even be used for a long time.

How does the distribution box dissipate heat?

What are the heat dissipation technologies of the distribution box? What's the effect? Above, the manufacturer of distribution box will introduce you to the heat dissipation technology of distribution box

One is that we dissipate heat through the heat pipe. The heat pipe is an element with very strong heat conduction ability. Its task principle is to conduct heat through the evaporation and condensation of working medium in the non comparable vacuum pipe. It has very strong heat conduction ability, good isothermal property, the heat transfer area on both sides of cold and hot can be covered at will, and it can transfer heat from a long distance and control temperature. The heat exchanger composed of heat pipes has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and small fluid resistance loss.

The other is to dissipate heat through the arrangement of frequency converter structure. Here, the main circuit is designed into a relatively large unit, which is placed on the rear wall of the explosion-proof cavity, and then connected with IGBT module, rectifier module and other heating elements through a radiator for transition. The outer wall of the explosion-proof shell is welded with groove radiator, and the transition radiator and groove radiator are connected through heat pipe. The heat generated outside the frequency converter is distributed through the trough radiator of the heat pipe on the rear wall of the explosion-proof cavity.

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