Common problems of wire connection of Pole Top Box for Electric Energy Meter

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1. The first thing is to ensure that the cross section of the conductor can bear all the normal working electric flow, which is the same as the loss and scalding of components in the cabinet, so as to make the temperature higher than that outside the cabinet and leave enough capacity. For the wire connection of control circuit, the provisions on compressive strength under unique standards shall also be considered.


2. There are buttons and other components on the cabinet door of the Pole Top Box for Electric Energy Meter, which makes it extremely necessary to place the reserved wires on the cabinet door. Since there is a great probability of changing and lifting the power circuit according to the actual working conditions on site, and the whole vehicle harness on the cabinet door is generally maintained by winding tube, it seems very inconvenient to lift the wire of the components on the cabinet door on site. Therefore, the tone of the reserved line is also very eye-catching light yellow, so that the changed and improved control circuit in the cabinet will be clear at a glance.


3. The wiring terminal of the control route must be solved by using the special copper connector and the standard crimping special tool matched between them. It is found in the manufacturer that the problem of wire control line end is to use the edge of diagonal pliers to carry out cutting crimping, or use the bearing capacity plan of other pliers to carry out plan extrusion crimping. However, the major difficulty in applying this method is that the crimping quality of each wire end connector changes greatly with the forward flexion of the wiring staff's own sitting body and the fatigue level of the wiring staff's wrists. If the sitting body bends forward, the copper joint and copper core wire will be broken together. If the front bend of the sitting body is smaller, we can only ensure that the copper joint is not separated from the copper core line temporarily. However, this problem is not easy to be found in the general inspection, which will produce a large number of "test questions" for the complicated on-the-spot inspection. Of course, it is not even the guarantee of product quality.

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