Does the indoor Ready Board need to be equipped with leakage protection switch?

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Leakage protection is very important! Don't people always worry about electricity? One of its functions is to prevent human indirect electric shock accidents. Setting leakage protection in the circuit can greatly avoid electric shock casualties. Maybe you think I get an electric shock sometimes. Even if I'm numb, there's no problem. It doesn't matter if you don't install it.


In fact, that's because you touch points, not faces. For example, our fingers get an electric shock, which is point contact. It will soon be separated by our nerve contraction reaction. The current flows in your body for too short a time.


However, most of our daily household appliances are hand-held. For example, after taking a bath, we blow our hair with a hair dryer in the bathroom. For example, it is very hot in summer, and we move our position with a floor fan. If the insulation sheath of the conductor is broken at this time, electric shock of surface contact may occur.


At this point, our neurocontractile response may be disengaged, but there is still a great possibility that it will make our hands tighter and tighter. Because the human body's natural response at that time could not effectively control the brain. Electric shock and can't get rid of it. What should I do now? Only the above leakage protection switch trips can save us.


Although the leakage protection switch is a little expensive, that is, the price of dozens to 100, is it compared with the value of our lives? Therefore, the indoor Ready Board needs to be equipped with leakage protection switch. Next, let's talk about how to configure the leakage protection switch


Explain the problem strictly with professional points. Leakage protection switch, scientific name is residual current protection circuit breaker (RCD).


Article 7.7.10-1 of code for electrical design of civil buildings jgj16-2008 points out that residual current action protection shall be set for the following equipment distribution lines


(1) Hand held and mobile electrical equipment;


(2) Electrical equipment in outdoor workplace;


(3) Electrical equipment in particularly poor environment or humid places;


(4) Household appliance circuit or socket circuit;


(5) Electrical equipment powered by TT system


(6) Residual current action protection of distribution lines of medical appliances, first aid and surgical appliances shall be used as alarm.

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