How to make internal wiring for Pole Top Box?

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When the working conditions and site preparation of the Pole Top Box have been completed. The installation of the box is over. There is nothing in the Pole Top Box, and the wiring and tape are fully prepared, which meets the installation requirements of design drawings and equipment. In this issue of news and information, the small editor will introduce the method of internal wiring for the Pole Top Box. Let's have a look.


1、 Installation of track in the box.


The installation of the guide rail of the Pole Top Box shall be horizontal and consistent with the open operation hole of the cover plate. Photos of guide rail installation.


2、 The box is empty for installation.


1. When installing the empty box, first pay attention to the position of the empty box installation hole of the box cover to ensure that the empty box position is in the reserved position of the box cover. Secondly, when installing the switch, please arrange it from left to right. The entire position of the switch needs to be reserved.


2. The reserved position is generally placed on the right side of the Pole Top Box. A complete overall position is reserved between the general empty box in the first row and the empty port of the connection of the first empty box.


3、 Open the zero line wiring.


1. The color of the zero line of the Pole Top Box shall be blue.


2. Lighting and socket circuits generally adopt 2.5mm2 conductors, and the open space connected by each conductor of the Pole Top Box shall not exceed 3. Air conditioning circuit generally adopts 2.5mm2 or 4.0mm2 conductor, leaving one conductor empty.


3. Zero lines between different cannot be shared. If the first yellow wire matched with a connects two 16A lighting ports, the open circuit zero line matched with a can only match these two ports, and then directly connect with the zero line terminal.


4. The wiring between the main port and each port in the Pole Top Box generally goes to the left, and the wiring of the Pole Top Box generally goes to the right.


5. The wiring in the Pole Top Box shall be straight without texture. Wires shall be tied with plastic straps of appropriate size and evenly spaced.


6. The insulation of the conductor shall be consistent with that of the copper core, and there shall be no bending inside the conductor to prevent the conductor from being damaged.


7. After binding, cut off the unused parts with pliers.


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