How To Prevent Vibration Of Stainless Steel Distribution Box?

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As the transmission and distribution equipment in the power system, the working environment of stainless steel distribution box is an uncertain factor, which may appear anywhere. However, due to the working environment or natural reasons, it will cause the vibration of the stainless steel distribution box, damage the stainless steel distribution box products, and even direct reimbursement is very possible. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the vibration of the stainless steel distribution box. Then, how to prevent the vibration of the stainless steel distribution box? Next, the distribution box manufacturer will introduce some common methods of anti vibration for you. I hope it can help some friends.

Common shockproof methods of stainless steel distribution box:

First, install shockproof rubber plate and other shockproof materials on the installation end face of components;

Second, apply anti loosing glue on the solid parts of the element device;

Third, the plug-in type is used at the wiring.

The above three methods can only reduce vibration, not completely avoid vibration. Therefore, to fundamentally solve the problem of shockproof is to let both of them operate in composition. Moreover, when choosing the stainless steel distribution box, we must choose the high-quality stainless steel distribution box to better solve the problem of shockproof.

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