The use of distribution cabinet shall avoid high temperature

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As we all know, power distribution cabinets are used both indoors and outdoors. High temperature phenomenon is common in many equipment, and we take its heat dissipation into account when designing the distribution cabinet. Of course, we also need to pay attention when using it, so how to prevent it from high temperature!


Some components inside the distribution cabinet have service conditions, and their normal working conditions are specified accordingly: the upper limit of ambient air temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃; The average ambient air temperature of 24 ° C shall not exceed 35 ° C; The lower limit of ambient air temperature shall not be lower than - 25 ℃. In the high temperature season in midsummer, the temperature in the box of the distribution cabinet will rise to a very high level. If the temperature at this time greatly exceeds the specified ambient temperature of the distribution cabinet, it will cause overheating and failure of electrical components in the distribution cabinet. Therefore, during the redesign, we can discharge the high temperature in the distribution cabinet by designing louvers and adding cooling fans.

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