"Intelligent withdrawable switchgear" is a power distribution device with superior performance

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The fully intelligent withdrawable switch cabinet is a complete set of power distribution device used to communicate 50Hz single busbar and single busbar section by section system with 3-12kv phase voltage. It is mainly used for power transmission and transformation of power stations, small and medium-sized generators, power receiving, power transmission and transformation of power supply system of mining organs and institutions and its power industry system, starting of large and medium-sized high-voltage motors, etc. for control, protection and monitoring.


The switchgear meets the requirements of DL / t404-91, IEC298, GB3906 and other standards, and has the interlocking function of preventing the loaded push-pull circuit breaker handcart, preventing the wrong opening and closing of the circuit breaker, preventing the circuit breaker from closing when the grounding switch is in the closed position, preventing the wrong entry into the charged compartment and preventing the wrong closing of the grounding switch when it is charged. It can be equipped with VS1 vacuum circuit breaker, It can also be equipped with abb VD4 Vacuum circuit breaker. It is actually a power distribution device with superior performance.

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