To expand the market of distribution cabinet, technical development strength is essential

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With the continuous increase of power consumption in China, some power facilities are also expanding. The relationship between supply and demand of distribution cabinets produced in China is obviously tense. Many enterprises lack certain ability in product innovation, so they can't compete with the high-end market, which makes it difficult for enterprises to develop in the later stage. Our company reproduces the distribution cabinet. We carry out technical transformation to make the enterprise get rid of the situation that it is eliminated by the market due to the lack of competitive products as soon as possible.


Our company focuses on the production of distribution cabinets and keeps the production technology of such products at the forefront. In the development of new products, we should actively aim at the cutting-edge technology, actively develop high-end products, and be able to hold new products with independent intellectual property rights, characteristics, level and market, so as to form competitiveness, so as to improve the market share of high-end products of the enterprise.

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