What can be done for the rust prevention treatment of the box shell of the power distribution box?

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As we all know, the power distribution box is an electrical device for power supply. During its normal operation, we can turn on or off the circuit manually or through the air switch. In case of abnormal operation of the power distribution box, we can also use a set of protective appliances to cut off the circuit or give an alarm. Of course, in the application of power distribution box, if the box of power distribution box is not tight, there will be electric breathing. What is electric breathing? When the sun is direct, the box temperature is lower than the external temperature due to the greenhouse effect. At this time, the neutralization distribution box will absorb the external temperature. This is the breathing of electricity, which is unavoidable and difficult to solve; In this way, there is moisture and corrosion. There are many anti-corrosion methods, so in any case, in the production of power distribution box, we need to carry out anti-corrosion treatment to shell the power distribution box to make it have strong corrosion performance.

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