The advantages and disadvantages of IC card smart meter are introduced in detail.

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    Advantages of IC Card Smart Meter:

    1. With IC card meter, there is no need to trouble manual meter reading, which is conducive to modern management. The use of IC card meter avoids many inconveniences caused by manual meter reading and door-to-door charging, and the historical data of electricity purchase can be saved, which is convenient for customers to inquire.

    2. It fully embodies the commodity attributes of electric power. In order to purchase electricity first and then use it, customers can purchase electricity and use it in a planned way according to their actual needs. They will not incur late fees due to arrears and increase unnecessary expenditure.

    3. IC card meter not only solves the problem of fee collection, but also solves the problem of fee collection for scattered residential customers, temporary electricity users and customers who often owe fees.

    The disadvantages of IC card smart meter:

    It is inconvenient to pay the fee. It must be paid at the self-service payment point or the business hall of the power supply bureau. After paying the fee, the card should be re-inserted into the meter, so that the meter can read the fee and send electricity. You can also pay online, but after paying, you still need to insert the card into the self-payment point, and the fee you pay will be on the card, which is very inconvenient. If you run out of electricity at home at night, you have to go out with a point card to pay.

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