RS485 communication of Prepaid energy meter

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    Prepaid energy meters with 485 communication function are divided into single-phase and three-phase meters.

    The prepayment energy meter with 485 function can realize remote switch on and off power transmission. The single-phase type is ddsyf6607 and the three-phase type is dtsy6607.

    Dtsy6607 / dssy6607 three-phase all electronic prepayment electric energy meter is a new type of meter manufactured by our company with imported special large-scale integrated circuit, 16 bit a / D conversion, digital multiplier, application of digital sampling processing technology, data acquisition, processing and preservation by advanced single-chip microcomputer processing system and application of SMT process. It is suitable for measuring the active electric energy consumption in three-phase three wire or three-phase four wire AC network with rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.

    Functional characteristics

    1. Measurement of total active power consumption and residual power

    2. Record the latest electricity purchase and accumulated electricity purchase

    3. Prepaid function can be realized by using with various cards

    4. Residual power alarm function

    5. Over capacity alarm function

    6. Auxiliary overdraft function

    7. Power storage function

    8. Negative power recording and automatic deduction function

    9. Remote reading function

    10. Power freezing function

    11. With RS-485 infrared communication interface and infrared stopwatch function

    Single phase remote prepayment watt hour meter has the following basic functions:

    3.1 time sharing active positive and negative electric energy measurement can be divided into 4 rates, 12 time periods and 2 time zones.

    3.2 with step function, the most four steps can be set, and the power and price of each step can be set separately.

    3.3 infrared communication, programming setting and meter reading can be realized through the palmtop computer.

    3.4 it can realize parameter rotation display. The parameters (no more than 32 items) and time interval of rotation display can be set in advance, and the sequence of parameter rotation display can also be set arbitrarily.

    3.5 with optocoupler isolated active and passive pulse output interface, the pulse constant is the same as the meter constant.

    3.6 record the total active power and time-sharing power for 12 months, and read the meter through infrared or 485.

    3.7 it has programming prohibition function and data clearing function.

    3.8 scaled meter reading specified by the support unit.

    3.9 have the ability to purchase electricity first and then use electricity, and automatically freeze the monthly electricity consumption at each rate on the designated meter reading day.

    3.10 IC card can be used for parameter setting and meter reading.

    3.11 adopt one meter and one card mode, multiple verification and encryption of data in IC card, safe and reliable.

    3.12 each time the power purchased is transmitted in two directions through the power card.

    3.13 be able to set non working business hours and emergency credit limit.

    3.14 the maximum use power can be limited within the rated current range (limited by the power supply department).

    3.15 it has external alarm output interface.

    3.16 with built-in audible and visual alarm, tripping and power-off functions

    A. In case of overload, the alarm and trip signal output can be controlled by whether the alarm trip is allowed to be selected.

    B. when the remaining power is less than or equal to the alarm set value, the output of alarm and trip signal can be controlled by selecting whether the ammeter is allowed by alarm and trip.

    C. when the remaining electricity is equal to zero, the meter outputs a trip signal.

    3.15 it has the functions of remote meter reading, remote switch on and remote power selling.

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