How does the smart electricity meter realize the remote meter reading?

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    The smart electricity meter is different from the traditional meter. The IC card meter is that it can be connected to the Internet and can read meters remotely. Remote meter reading is the most fundamental meaning of intelligent meters. As for how to realize remote meter reading, there are many ways to implement intelligent meters.

    The power carrier meter used by the largest state grid is connected to the collector through wires, and the collector uploads readings to the remote reading server through GPRS, so the residents of the State Grid can basically check their daily electricity consumption through the palm power. Most of the manufacturers providing this solution and products directly cooperate with Guodian.

    Secondly, a large number of smart meters are used in large-scale buildings, which are connected to the collector through 485 bus. The collector is then converted into a TCP / IP network cable to directly access the remote server. There are many manufacturers providing this system, such as tuoqiang, which directly integrates with architecture.

    The third is the current youth apartments, white-collar apartments and Hotel Apartments use more WiFi meters, which are directly connected to the WiFi server in the apartment, and of course, GPRS meters, which are used in the case of small use of smart meters. This kind of usage can be directly installed by the electricity meter purchased online, and then directly used through the app.

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