Solve the problems encountered during the installation of power distribution box

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As we all know, the power distribution box is a necessity for daily power consumption, so for installation, it has become the anxiety of many users. Of course, today's Xiaobian is to solve this anxiety for everyone. First, let's see what kind of problems we will encounter:


1. The model selection is not in accordance with the drawing requirements or is improper;


2. Due to the selection of inferior power distribution box, the shell is too weak and the hardness is poor;


For these problems, we can have the following solutions. First, we can customize according to the specifications. When receiving the goods, we need to check whether the accessories are complete, whether the nameplate is correct, whether the insulating parts have defects and cracks, and whether the coating is complete. The owner is to select the hard shell to make the power distribution box to ensure the hardness of the shell and ensure the safety of use.

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