Understand the sealing material of power distribution box door

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Is the waterproof sealing strip of the power distribution box door you purchased still made of sponge? If so, you will be out. As Yuxuan electromechanical's professional production technology of distribution box and distribution cabinet, we choose excellent sealing foam strip, which is foamed by chemical reaction to form a smooth, beautiful surface with strong rebound performance Sealant strip with good dustproof and waterproof performance and high sealing protection grade. The use of dispensing foaming technology can not only prevent the invasion of rain (water), dust and polluted gas, but also prevent the invasion of vibration, noise and heat into the room, and also prevent the corrosion of product parts by corrosive media. With the improvement of people's requirements for product process and IP level, the dispensing foaming process is becoming more and more popular. I believe you have seen the technology we recommend to you, and I believe you are more ready to move!

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