The manufacture of stainless steel distribution cabinet is not simple

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A good stainless steel distribution cabinet should have a detailed production process, be approved by the quality inspection department, and have the production license and business license of relevant law enforcement departments. Today, I want to introduce the manufacturing process of stainless steel distribution cabinet produced by our company.


The first is the product design concept, which should meet the actual needs of the public and meet the customization requirements of special customers. The second is the selection of raw materials. Our products are made of excellent stainless steel or other materials. During blanking, the cold rolled plate shall be cut out of the required size with the plate shear, and the corner edge and handle position shall be punched out, that is, the so-called "stamping" treatment. The inner and outer edges shall be folded with the plate folding machine, and fully welded for reinforcement. At the same time, the product uses "pickling and phosphating" in the treatment process of degreasing and derusting.


Generally, the finished goods are composed of two parts of materials, the inner plate sealing plate, the upper and lower inner and outer sealing plates of the measuring plate and the panel. The full welding technology of the internal structure is mainly reflected in tightness and compactness, so the goods are very firm. If you need anything, you can contact our company at any time.

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