Improving the power distribution box is a problem to be considered

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In the era of rapid development of electric power, the requirements for power distribution box are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, for power distribution box manufacturers, how to better improve it is also a very important problem. First, we will consider the following aspects to solve the problem:


As we all know, if the power distribution box is used for a long time, if the heat dissipation is not good, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment. If the power distribution box is designed with a large box, we will install temperature control relay and exhaust fan inside so that the heat in the box can be eliminated in time. Thirdly, the chemical coating with thermal insulation performance is sprayed in the box to reduce radiation and reduce the temperature in the box. This is also to further heat the power distribution box. There is also the acceptance of accessories. Excellent accessories can double the work of the power distribution box with half the effort.

Next The fan distribution box shall be prepared for the operation of the fan
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