What Is The Purpose Of Brass Bar In Distribution Box?

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1. As far as the question is concerned, the brass bar is of course for the convenience of wiring. It is convenient to connect certain types of wires through terminal blocks or ordinary screws instead of by means of splicing and welding, which not only ensures the firm connection but also simplifies the wiring operation.

2. There is a certain difference between the distribution box (cabinet) and the switch cabinet. The main function of the distribution box (cabinet) is power distribution and control. The difference between distribution box and cabinet is only the difference of size. In the distribution box, there are usually two common wiring blocks. These two wiring blocks are common ground wire (PE) wiring block and neutral line (N line or zero line) wiring block.

In this way, the PE line and neutral line of electrical equipment can be connected to this wiring block.

3. Switch cabinet, more emphasis on the monitoring and measurement of the whole power system. And interface with other intelligent systems. There are a lot of other devices, such as circuit breakers, various instruments and digital devices. The wiring in this cabinet is very large and complicated.

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