RS485 communication electricity meter reading management scheme

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    Electric energy meter has developed from mechanical induction meter to fully intelligent electronic meter. RS485 is the most common communication interface of electric meters at present. It uses RS485 transmission line to connect multiple intelligent meters with collectors directly, establish data transmission network, and provide real-time and accurate data. Equipped with RS485 meters, the remote meter reading function can be realized. One collector manages 50 meters. The meter reading speed is fast, the accuracy rate is high, and the cost is low. There is no need to worry about the problems such as missing meter reading, wrong meter reading, arrearage, stealing electricity, leakage, etc.

    I. advantages of RS485 communication

    RS485 communication has the characteristics of high data stability, fast transmission speed, good anti-interference and anti attack performance, wide working temperature range and long-term stable and reliable operation.

    II. Application scenario of RS485 communication meter reading

    RS485 meter reading scheme is suitable for short distance, relatively concentrated place. At present, RS485 meter reading method is widely used in parks, apartments, rental houses, campuses, office buildings and so on, because of its good data collection effect, real-time and high accuracy.

    III. equipment for RS485 communication meter reading scheme

    1. The meter metering function can measure active and reactive power, etc;

    2. It has the function of time-sharing billing, including four rates, 14 time periods and 2 annual time zones, and supports the setting of special rate periods on holidays and public holidays;

    3. The meter has one RS485 interface, which is compatible with far-infrared interface;

    4. Optional power on / off function, which can remotely control the power consumption of users;

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