What are the benefits of smart meters?

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    In order to meet the power demand of home smart meters and the construction of supporting smart grid in the future, the state is actively promoting the use of smart meters, and laying the foundation for the implementation of step tariff. Intelligent electricity meter can let customers master the sales price in time, make a good plan of household electricity consumption, and realize energy-saving and low-carbon life. It has high-tech features such as high-precision, intelligent fee deduction, electricity price inquiry, electricity quantity memory, meter reading time freezing, balance alarm, information remote transmission, etc., which can avoid human errors to the greatest extent, and will not affect the normal use of electricity by customers, realize the understanding and honest consumption of customers, and lay a good foundation for intelligent use of electricity.

    The benefits of smart meters are:

    1. Save electricity expenses: users can make full use of the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to customize their own electricity consumption scheme, so as to use the same electricity and spend less money.

    2. Independent and transparent consumption: users can query their current electricity price and the amount of remaining electricity in the computer / mobile phone / wechat, easily grasp the electricity information, and make clear consumption.

    3. Payment is more convenient and quick: users can pay and recharge on mobile phones and wechat, making payment more convenient.

    4. Avoid power failure due to arrears: when the balance is insufficient, the intelligent electricity meter will automatically and timely alarm and remind the user to pay for recharge, so as to avoid the loss caused by power failure due to arrears.

    5. The prepaid function is more flexible: the smart meter can recharge the mobile phone online, pay first and then use the electricity, no longer need to pay in the business hall every month, reducing the waiting time.

    6. Avoid human error: intelligent electricity meter can be settled according to the user's electricity consumption and avoid the possible error caused by traditional manual meter reading.

    7. Effective prevention of meter failure: through the remote information transmission function of the intelligent meter, the power staff can monitor the working status of the meter in real time, find out the meter failure in time, and avoid the loss to the user.

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