Characteristics of electronic energy meter

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    ① powerful and easy to expand.

    An electronic energy meter is equivalent to several inductive energy meters. For example, an electronic multi-function meter with comprehensive functions is equivalent to two positive active meters, two positive reactive meters, two maximum demand meters and one loss of voltage timer. It can also realize the functions of time sharing measurement and automatic data reading that these seven meters cannot achieve. At the same time, the reduction of the number of meters effectively reduces the pressure drop of the secondary circuit and improves the reliability and accuracy of the whole metering device.

    ② the accuracy level is high and stable.

    The accuracy level of induction watt hour meter is generally 0.5-3.0, and the error is easy to change due to mechanical wear. The electronic watt hour meter can easily use various compensations to reach a higher accuracy level, and the error stability is good. The accuracy level of electronic watt hour meter is generally 0.2-1.0.

    ③ the starting current is small and the error curve is flat.

    Induction energy meter can only be started and measured at 0.3% IB, and the error curve changes greatly, especially at low load; while electronic energy meter is very sensitive, it can start and measure at 0.1% 1b, and the error curve is good, and the error is almost a straight line within the full load range.

    ④ wide frequency response range.

    The frequency response range of induction meter is generally 45-55Hz, while that of electronic multi-function meter is 40-1000hz.

    ⑤ little affected by external magnetic field.

    Induction meter is based on the principle of moving in magnetic field, so the external magnetic field has a great influence on the meter performance. The electronic watt hour meter mainly relies on multiplier, and its measurement performance is little affected by the external magnetic field.

    Convenient for installation and use.

    There are strict requirements for the installation of induction energy meter. If the suspension horizontal inclination deviation is large, or even obviously inclined, it will cause inaccurate electric energy measurement. The electronic watt hour meter adopts the electronic measurement method, without mechanical rotating parts, so there is no such problem. In addition, it is small in volume, light in weight and easy to use.

    ⑦ large overload capacity.

    Induction meters work with coils. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, they can only overload 4 times, while electronic multi-function meters can overload 6-10 times.

    ⑧ stronger anti stealing ability.

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