Smart electricity meter: make people's life more "smart"

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    The arrival of smart electricity meters facilitates the life of residents, which is not only the change of life style, but also the transformation and development of industry, as well as the embodiment of social progress. The evolution of human beings from primitive age to tool age and then to intelligent age is the development of human intelligence.

    After the smart meter with remote charge control function is replaced, the public can know whether the electricity charge stored in their home is sufficient in time; when paying the electricity charge, the public does not have to go all the way to the business hall of the power supply office to line up, but only needs to use their mobile phones to easily complete the electricity charge payment when they are free; the smart meter can also monitor the electricity consumption of the household appliances of the public, which is convenient for the public to save electricity

    Experts said that the promotion and use of smart meter fee control system in the whole society is a good thing for the country and the people. First, its use can fundamentally reduce the complicated labor of the power supply department staff to call on the door and stop the power transmission, and improve the work efficiency of the power supply department; second, users can easily and quickly get information such as electricity charge notification, overdue payment, power recovery order from the mobile phone, so as to improve the user's payment rate, with obvious social and economic benefits; third, the The promotion and use of the system can change the traditional way of using electricity for residents, help them form a good habit of saving electricity, and also lay a solid foundation for building a smart city.

    You can pay for electricity anytime you move your finger

    An old resident of a residential area, his family changed the smart meter at the beginning of this year, their whole family really felt the convenience of smart meter charge control system to life. Now, he can easily master the daily power consumption and electricity consumption. Occasionally, when a power outage occurs due to forgetting to pay in time, no matter where you are, as long as your mobile phone can access the Internet, you can use your finger to pay for electricity with your mobile phone online banking or wechat. Once the payment is successful, the power supply will be restored automatically in tens of seconds to minutes. When using the old-fashioned electricity meter, you need to go all the way to the business hall of the power supply station to pay in line; after paying off the arrears, you can not restore the power supply immediately, but you need to wait for several hours or even a day to restore the power. For users of old-fashioned meters, waiting for power restoration in hot summer or cold winter is a painful process.

    Prepay electricity fee to avoid disputes over electricity fee

    Mr. Li of a certain community is a big landlord who has more than ten houses for rent. He said that the promotion and use of prepaid electricity meters marks the gradual transformation of the electricity consumption mode of "first pay, then pay", which has been passed down for decades. He hopes to change the electricity meters of all his houses into intelligent charge control meters as soon as possible. Because when using the old-fashioned electricity meter before, there were often former tenants who moved away quietly without paying off the electricity bill. As a result, the later tenants came to him to argue with him because of the power failure. "It's very annoying that the electricity bill is clearly owed by the tenants, but our landlord is required to pay for it!" With the smart meter fee control system, tenants can't default on the electricity fee. "How much money you pay, how much electricity you use, everything is clear, nothing to do with others!"

    Smart meter helps you save money

    Experts also said that smart meters can act as "electricity stewards" of families. They can calculate the power consumption of each step according to the annual and monthly step standards, and record the power consumption and habits of transmission users every day and every time period. For residents in time-sharing electricity price areas, smart meters can more accurately distinguish the time interval of household electricity consumption, which is conducive to the residents to accurately grasp the power consumption opportunity, reduce the power consumption during the peak period of electricity consumption, and use some household electrical equipment when it is at the bottom of the electricity price to save electricity. After the realization of smart home in the future, smart electricity meter can also be the most basic information source of users' electricity consumption, which can effectively support the smart home control system to carry out intelligent management of home appliances.

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