PC Electrical Ready Board Box

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Detailed description of PC Electrical Ready Board Box:

With the arrival of summer, the safety of electricity use has been widely valued. For the safety of you and your family, it is recommended to use the air switch together with the leakage protector to protect your household electricity. Then the meter box factory will introduce how to select the air switch in the  meter box.

1. First select the category according to the specific use conditions, and then determine the specific parameters according to the rated current of the circuit and the requirements for protection. When the short-circuit current is not too large, the molded case circuit breaker is preferred. As the rated current is relatively large, frame type circuit breakers (ACB) can be selected, and of course, molded case circuit breakers with good performance can also be used instead. For the branch circuit with extremely large short-circuit current, pay attention to whether the current limiting capacity of the circuit breaker can meet the requirements. When leakage protection is required, the circuit breaker must have this function.

2. After the type and parameters of the circuit breaker are determined, the cost performance ratio of the product shall be considered. On the condition that the basic use requirements can be met, the circuit breaker shall be safe and reliable, and it is better to have certain expandability, such as adjusting to adapt to future load changes within a certain range, adding module units to achieve function expansion, etc.

Features of PC  Electrical Ready Board Box:

1 The SE series  anti stealing smart meter box developed by Riel Electric is made of  polycarbonate (PC). It has the functions of electricity safety protection, user separation control, data acquisition, etc., which maximizes the reliability of electricity theft prevention, component integration, electricity safety, and ease of installation and operation of the meter box. It supports electronic, mechanical, IC card prepaid only, and peak valley only meters.

2 The plastic  meter box adopts the integrated design concept, with beautiful overall appearance, smooth and bright appearance, symmetrical proportion, and reasonable structure. There is an obvious separation area for power supply management and user operation. The instrument room and switch room are equipped with firewalls to improve fire protection.

3 The connection between the upper cover and the bottom shell uses the slider to fasten the base groove, and the lower part is equipped with special screws, lead seals (plastic) and padlocks. Only the electricity management personnel can open it with the help of a special key, which truly achieves the function of preventing electricity theft. The sealing performance between the upper cover and the bottom shell is good, which can prevent rainwater and dust from entering.

4. The bottom shell is made of PC70% ABS30% mixed alloy material, and the upper cover is made of imported  polycarbonate (PC). The power management personnel can directly see the abnormal conditions in the box, which is convenient for management.

5 The inlet and outlet holes of the meter box are designed with the "multi position blind hole" scheme, which is convenient for users to install the inlet and outlet wires as required. All the inlet and outlet holes are equipped with special rubber rings that are waterproof, dust-proof and small animals proof. The box has high insulation strength, and no flashover, breakdown and flashover occur under the condition of power frequency of 50Hz2000V for one minute.


Product guarantee of PC  Electrical Ready Board Box:

Material characteristics of PC  Electrical Ready Board Box:

1. The  part of the upper cover of the meter box is made of imported polycarbonate (PC). Because the PC has relatively comprehensive balance performance, excellent impact resistance, stability, and light transmittance of more than 90%, it is also equipped with the special auxiliary materials of Riel Electric, so as to ensure its aging resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance, acid rain and salt spray resistance, flame retardancy, heat resistance, frost resistance, and high insulation.

2. The low shell is made of imported polycarbonate (PC) and modified ABS engineering plastics with high hardness, excellent aging resistance and long service life. It is suitable for high temperature environment. In case of high temperature or fire, the material will not burn but also prevent burning. The thermal deformation temperature is 130 ℃, which can withstand a low temperature of minus 50 ℃. The flame retardancy is FV0, and the impact resistance is 1K10. High insulation, no flashover, breakdown and flashover under power frequency 2000V test voltage, especially suitable for power industry.

3 Therefore, the above two materials have high strength, aging resistance, strong insulation, good transparency, UV resistance, acid rain and salt fog resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, frost resistance, and are especially suitable for outdoor use, with a normal service life of more than 10 years.

Next Details to be paid attention to when installing the incoming and outgoing lines of the plastic meter box
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