Usage and characteristics of split meter ready board for one household one meter electricity meter box

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In rural areas, if the circuit of a certain family goes wrong, a large area will be cut off, and adults will clamor to find the power supply station. These are childhood memories. With the improvement of people's living standards, the progress of science and technology, and the advent of the split meter ready board of the electricity meter box, these can only become the past

Product use:

In the past, the wiring in the meter box was a zero line shared by multiple users, and the incoming line was connected in parallel. Such constant management is easy to cause accidents. After one household one meter split meter ready board is adopted, the incoming line can be separated from the incoming line, which solves the problem of parallel connection of the incoming line in the past. The cover plate of the phase line split meter ready board can also be lead sealed to prevent electricity theft. The zero line split meter ready board can be repeatedly grounded, which conforms to the special and closed principle in the electric energy metering specification. It is applicable to the matching of "one household one meter" centralized metering box (also known as one household one meter box in public housing) and the transformation of "combined meter system" in old urban areas

Structural features:

This series of products are made of polymer polycarbonate materials imported from the United States. It has high impact strength, is not easy to break, moisture resistance, good insulation, anti-aging, flame retardant, high temperature resistance and other characteristics. The wiring screw adopts the composite groove combination process, and the two types of flat and cross screwdrivers are universal, so it is small in size, large in capacity, high in temperature resistance, reasonable in structure, bright in color and beautiful in appearance, and is welcomed by the majority of users.


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