What are the factors for purchasing plastic meter box and ready board?

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Today, the meter box and ready board factory will share with you the factors for purchasing plastic meter box and ready board:


Features of plastic meter box and ready board:


A. Completely solve the personal injury and death accidents caused by poor grounding of the box and foreign matter bonding.


B. The recycling cost of the box material is high, which can prevent the body from being stolen.


C. The comprehensive use cost is low, and the one-time investment can be used for more than 20 years (eliminating the replacement man hours and accumulated costs of metal boxes).


D. The unique design of the box can effectively resist external impact.


E. No asphyxiant gas is generated when burning at high temperature.


F. The splicing method can reduce the maintenance cost of the box (only the damaged parts can be replaced).


G. Strong visibility.


Features of plastic meter box and ready board:


A. The top of the meter box and ready board is a double-layer structure with heat insulation effect.


B. The stainless steel surface is subject to wire drawing treatment to eliminate dazzling, dazzling and spotlight.


C. The door and box are fully enclosed, equipped with sealing rubber strips and waterproof grooves, and have the four prevention functions of rain, wind, sand and dust.


D. The transparent meter box and ready board is made of imported polycarbonate (PC) and imported flame-retardant ABS engineering plastics, which has the advantages of water leakage prevention, easy management, electricity theft prevention, UV resistance, etc.


E. The upper and lower sides of the box are equipped with special respirators, which can form convection air, play a cooling role, and ensure that the components inside the box are dry.


F. The exterior of the box is made of micro traces and non traces to make the appearance more beautiful.


G. The end used in wet environment or frost and condensation season

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