Non standard distribution box solves difficulties and makes home happy

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Aiming at the disadvantages of difficult network wiring and low node intelligence of traditional building unit distribution system, the transformation control system of building unit distribution box based on wireless sensor network is designed The hardware of the system mainly includes the information receiving box in the room and the main switch controller in the corridor. The information receiving box is composed of power supply part, single chip microcomputer part, wireless transceiver module, information storage module, watchdog and switch control part. The main switch controller is composed of MSP430 series single chip microcomputer, power supply module part, key and 12864 LCD screen, The information receiving box is divided into four groups and connected to four switch main controllers respectively, and the switch main controller is connected to the computer in the duty room; The software includes upper computer communication software and monitoring software based on Modbus protocol The effective range of the wireless transceiver module in the system is 1 ~ 2.5km. The dormitory administrator can remotely control the lighting circuit and socket circuit of each room, and can view the circuit shutdown of any room

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