XM distribution box needs a good sense of responsibility

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In the development and design of XM distribution box, the selection and fixing mode of busbar has always played an important role. But often we can only refer to relevant national standards or IEC standards and some scattered technical data, especially for the quantitative calculation of busbar electric power, which is difficult to obtain. In the design process, we often estimate it according to work experience. In order to draw lessons from the new product development process, design a reasonable busbar fixing mode and reduce the damage caused by electrodynamic effect, I have carried out quantitative analysis and calculation on it after consulting a large number of literatures on electrodynamic at home and abroad. Starting from the theoretical calculation of electric power, this paper gradually deduces the electric power borne by the busbar system in the low-voltage switchgear under steady-state and transient state. Then, combined with the actual work, several typical bus bars in 3C certification are selected for quantitative calculation of electric power and resonance verification, and compared with the actual situation in type test, so as to theoretically prove the rationality of bus bar design in 3C certification and truly serve the project.

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