XL power distribution cabinet has a sense of responsibility

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Introduction to XL power distribution cabinet the design and manufacture of power distribution cabinet plays a very important role in the design and installation of workshop lines. The distribution cabinet plays the role of distributing electric energy and controlling equipment power supply in the machining workshop. Its reasonable design is the guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the equipment in the whole workshop. In the design of distribution cabinet, the load power of the controlled object should be considered first, and appropriate low-voltage appliances should be selected accordingly to ensure the safe operation of distribution cabinet. There are two kinds of common distribution cabinets: one is the power cabinet, which divides the electric energy.


XL power distribution cabinet is a common distribution cabinet, which is the terminal equipment in the whole distribution system and a device that can not be ignored. Therefore, it is listed in the mandatory product catalogue and is required to accept relevant testing, factory inspection and consistency inspection. At present, there are two types of main switches of power distribution cabinet: one is disconnector and the other is molded case circuit breaker, Some manufacturers believe that these two types of power distribution cabinets can replace each other. Therefore, the structure of power distribution cabinet is discussed below.

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