Briefly describe the use and function of distribution box

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With the development of society, enterprises and residents put forward higher requirements for power supply continuity and voltage qualification rate, and also put forward higher and higher requirements for power equipment management level. The distribution box is used to provide a comprehensive distribution box control device to realize continuous detection of equipment in the station area, overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage alarm of distribution transformer, prevention of equipment theft, equipment fire alarm, automatic analysis of fire equipment and automatic fire extinguishing, and realize closed-loop management of accident treatment. Preferably, the automatic unit for measuring and controlling three-phase current overload of distribution transformer comprises an intelligent current breaker, a power on delay relay, a leakage protector, a main circuit breaker, an intelligent current breaker switch, a power on delay relay switch, a leakage protector switch and a safety circuit; Small footprint and high stability during installation; Simple manufacturing process; In particular, the data is true, accurate and easy to operate. As long as each computer terminal in the power distribution management department of the power supply department clicks the mouse to enter the system, it can monitor the operation status of the station area in real time, saving time and effort and high work efficiency.


Distribution box this equipment makes it convenient for us to stop and send power, and plays the role of measuring and judging stop and send power.

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