How to adjust the control system of emergency lighting distribution board?

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At home, in case of some emergencies requiring emergency lighting, the emergency lighting distribution board plays a great role, but the system control during the operation of the emergency lighting distribution board is also very important. What are the key points? You happened to see me today. You can stop and have a look!


Firstly, for the operation control function, the emergency lighting controller shall be able to control any fire emergency lamps from the main power working state to the emergency working state, and there shall be corresponding state indication and the time when the fire emergency lamps turn into the emergency state. Then check the function of the emergency lighting controller to prevent operation by non professionals. Secondly, disconnect the connection between any fire emergency lamp and the emergency lighting controller. The emergency lighting controller shall send out acoustic and optical fault signals and display the fault position. During the existence of the fault, the operation of the emergency lighting controller shall be able to control the fire emergency lamp irrelevant to the fault to turn into the emergency working state. Disconnect the main power supply of the emergency lighting controller again to make the emergency lighting controller work from the standby power. Various control functions of the emergency lighting controller shall not be affected during the standby power work, and the standby power work time shall not be less than 3 times of the duration of emergency lighting, and shall not be less than 2H. After closing the main program of the emergency lighting controller, the fire emergency lamps in the system shall be able to switch to the emergency working state according to the designed linkage logic.


Therefore, we can't do it blindly for the use of emergency lighting distribution board, which may cause us to sink deeper and deeper!

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