How to realize leakage protection in the process of using the split meter ready board?

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Leakage protection is a measure to ensure electrical safety, which can effectively prevent electric shock accidents. In the process of using the split meter ready board, leakage protection is usually realized in the following ways:

Leakage protector: Leakage protector is a protection device specially used to detect leakage and cut off the power supply. When there is leakage in the circuit, the leakage protector will cut off the power in time, so as to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accidents.

RCBO: RCBO is a leakage protector with overload protection, which can detect any leakage occurred in the circuit, and can cut off the power quickly when the leakage exceeds the set value.

Isolation transformer: When it is necessary to maintain or overhaul electrical equipment, an isolation transformer can be used to cut off the power supply and separate the equipment from the power supply to achieve leakage protection.

Multiple protective measures: When using the split meter ready board, multiple protective measures can be used to achieve leakage protection, such as installing leakage protectors, grounding protection devices, insulation monitors and other protective devices.

Through the above measures, the leakage protection of the split meter ready board can be effectively realized, and the safety and reliability of the electrical equipment can be improved.

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