Beware of "fire" in the ready board in summer

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As the temperature rises in summer, the ready board will heat up due to long-term work. If it is not repaired and maintained in time, there may be a danger of "fire". Therefore, in summer, you need to pay special attention to the following points:

Regular inspection: Regularly check the wiring, joints and grounding of the lighting ready board to ensure that the electrical equipment and power lines are not aging and damaged, and avoid fires caused by current leakage and short circuits.

Air circulation: Keep the air circulation around the lighting ready board to avoid the influence of high temperature and humid environment on the ready board.

Avoid overloading: avoid overloading the lighting ready board, and do not plug too many electrical devices into the same socket, so as not to exceed the rated current.

Fire alarm: install a fire alarm near the ready board, and warn in time if any abnormal situation occurs.

In short, summer is the season of high incidence of "fire" in lighting ready boards. In order to ensure the safety of families and personal property, measures such as regular inspections, maintaining air circulation, avoiding overload, and installing fire alarms are required to prevent the "fire" of ready boards from causing unsafe conditions. recovered losses.

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