Sealing Is An Important Requirement Of Distribution Box Shell Manufacturers For Distribution Box

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The manufacturer of distribution box shell is a good protection device for power equipment in the start-up cabinet shell, which needs excellent sealing to ensure the normal operation of internal equipment. If the sealing effect of distribution cabinet is not up to standard, it will directly affect the operation of electronic components in the equipment. How to make the start-up cabinet shell have good sealing effect?

In the production of distribution box, when selecting sealing interface, we need to select appropriate section. The corner connection of start-up cabinet shell is all welded. The corner handle can be opened and closed simply, with strong sealing, and the lock head can be locked with the bag. By arranging the handle on the door, the use range of the door surface is widened, and the smooth design of the line is realized without interface, The polyurethane foam gaskets which are difficult to fall off can be used to change the color through the electroplating coating without stripping, so that the appearance of the sheet metal distribution cabinet is more diversified.

For outdoor use of the start cabinet shell, its sealing requirements are more stringent

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