How to install a household ready board?

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Installing a household ready board requires careful handling, follow the steps below:


Safety Check: Turn off mains power and use a voltage tester to verify that no current is flowing. Make sure the work area is dry and free from moisture.


Choose a location: Choose a well-ventilated, dry location away from water and flammable materials. Follow local electrical codes and recommendations and allow adequate work space.


Mounting the panel: Fix the ready board panel to the wall using suitable screws and sockets. Make sure the panel is vertical and stable.


Connecting wires: Connect the main power wire to the main circuit breaker, and connect correctly according to the wire color, such as red for positive, blue for neutral, and yellow-green for ground.


Plug in Circuit Breakers: Plug in appropriate circuit breakers as needed to ensure proper load matching. Connect the wires to the circuit breaker.

Organize the wiring: Organize the wires to ensure there are no loose or cross-connects. Use a label to identify which circuit each breaker corresponds to.


Test: Make sure all wires are securely connected, double check all connections. Turn on the main power and test the function of each circuit breaker.


To close the panel: Make sure all wires are neatly routed inside the ready board, then close the panel.


Marking: Paste the circuit mark on the ready board to facilitate future maintenance and identification.


Backup: Back up the location, connection diagram and related information of the ready board.


Make sure to follow local electrical codes and safety standards during installation, or preferably have the installation done by a professional electrician to ensure safety and compliance.

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