Can the neutral wire and ground wire of the ready board be shared?

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The neutral and ground wires of the ready board should not be shared. The neutral wire is the return path of the circuit, and the ground wire is designed to protect personal safety and equipment safety. Sharing neutral and ground wires can cause the following problems:


Potential safety hazard: Shared neutral and ground wires will increase the risk of electric leakage and electric shock, which may lead to dangerous situations such as electric shock and fire.


Electrical Interference: Shared neutral and ground wires may cause electrical interference and affect the normal operation of electrical equipment.


Regulatory compliance: In many countries and regions, the electrical system must comply with the corresponding regulatory standards, and sharing neutral and ground wires may violate relevant regulations.


Maintenance Difficulty: Sharing neutral and ground wires can make troubleshooting difficult and affect maintenance and repair work.


In order to ensure the safety and stability of the electrical system, the neutral wire and the ground wire must be arranged separately, and the purpose of each wire must be correctly distinguished and the electrical code must be strictly followed.

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