An article lets you instantly understand the internal structure of the distribution box!

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The distribution box is a device for power distribution and control, and its internal structure includes main circuit breakers, fuses, contactors, etc. The main circuit breaker is used to disconnect and connect the main power supply, and protect the circuit from faults such as overload and short circuit. The fuse plays an overload protection role in the circuit. When the current exceeds the rated value, it will blow to prevent damage to the equipment. The contactor is used to control the switch of the circuit, which can realize remote control and automatic operation. The distribution box also includes current transformers and voltage transformers, which are used to monitor current and voltage values ​​and provide data support. In terms of internal layout, the distribution box will also be equipped with components such as relays, protection devices, and ammeters to meet the needs of different circuits. In short, the internal structure of the distribution box is complex, covering a variety of electrical components. Through reasonable layout and combination, the functions of power distribution, control and protection are realized.

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