How to choose a circuit breaker suitable for the small power distribution unit?

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When selecting a circuit breaker suitable for a small power distribution unit, the following factors need to be considered:


Current Rating: Determine the current rating of the desired circuit breaker to match the load current for safe operation.


Breaking capacity: Make sure that the circuit breaker has sufficient breaking capacity to safely interrupt short-circuit current.


Number of poles: Select the circuit breaker according to the number of phases of the small power distribution unit, single-phase or three-phase.


Purpose: Choose different types of circuit breakers according to the purpose, such as general purpose, floor drain protection, overload protection, etc.


Environmental conditions: Consider environmental temperature, humidity and other factors to select a suitable circuit breaker.


Brand and quality: Choose circuit breakers of well-known brands and reliable quality to ensure long-term stable operation.


Scalability: Considering future expansion needs, choose a circuit breaker that supports adding modules.


Cost-effectiveness: On the premise of meeting safety and functional requirements, consider economical practicability.


Considering these factors comprehensively, the circuit breaker suitable for the small power distribution unit can be selected to ensure the safe operation and effective protection of the circuit.

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