How to connect the lifeline of distribution box

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When wiring distribution box, it is necessary to connect the home master switch through the fire line of leakage switch and the switch of each room through fire line, because the zero line is public, so that it can be divided into each room. When connecting the distribution box, attention should be paid to the design of the wiring diagram of the household distribution box. Don't mix zero and fire lines. If the two are not connected correctly, there will be no power supply and no errors. Whether it is connected correctly or in reverse, the function of leakage switch will move the zero line and the fire wire together. Because there are many zero wires in the leakage switch connected together, there is no zero line, only the fire line that is disconnected after the switch is disconnected. Therefore, attention should be paid to the incorrect connection between the fire line and the zero line. As for how to distinguish the two, you can also see the leakage switch.

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