Use the distribution box to prevent electric leakage

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When using the distribution box, we also need to pay attention to anti leakage. If it is not used properly, the user will be in danger of electric shock. In China, the production technology of distribution box has been improved to a certain extent. Now the requirements for distribution equipment are gradually improved. Of course, the production technology of distribution box also needs to be further improved. Here are some aspects


1. Heat dissipation of distribution box: when the distribution box is running, it will produce a lot of heat. If the heat dissipation of the distribution box is not good, it will affect the normal operation of the distribution box! So in the design of the distribution box, we will use a larger space to meet the cooling needs of the distribution box, or use the exhaust fan or cooling fan for cooling.


2. Volume of distribution box: large volume can make each spare part in the distribution box have a large gap, so as to avoid safety accidents.


Therefore, through different control, we can make the distribution box meet our different needs. In the process of redesign and production, we need to pay attention to thes

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