Requirements of Ready Board Box for internal components

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The Ready Board Box has very high requirements for internal components. The conductor should be high-quality copper, and the conductor should be multi strand copper core insulated conductor. The cross-sectional area of both shall be selected according to the maximum working current through the circuit, and the temperature rise shall not exceed the allowable value. The manufacturer of Ready Board Box will introduce you one by one.


The electrical clearance and creepage distance between various busbars, live parts of main circuit and grounding metal components shall strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the specification. When some parts fail to meet the specification requirements, wrapping insulation treatment shall be adopted. The Ready Board Box structure shall be able to ensure the thermal stability and dynamic stability in case of three-phase short circuit under the maximum operation mode; And it can continue to work normally after the fault is eliminated. Unless all metal parts have anti-corrosion ability, anti-corrosion treatment shall be adopted, such as galvanizing, tin plating, plastic spraying or other methods.


All components and parts shall be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions; And its installation and wiring should not be damaged due to mutual influence, and the cross-sectional area of internal wiring should not be less than 2.5mm. In addition to meeting the design requirements, all components and parts shall also meet the relevant requirements of this bidding document.

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