What is the acceptance standard for the installation of Ready Board?

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1、 Acceptance standard of Ready Board


1. The Ready Board shall be provided with manufacturer's production license, certificate of conformity, CE certification, field test and test report


2. The Ready Board shall be packaged completely, and the product brand, specification and model shall be consistent with the design and use requirements


3. The box body of the Ready Board shall be smooth, the internal and external coatings shall be complete, the color shall be consistent, there shall be no residue, obvious dent or mechanical damage, the edge and opening of the Ready Board shall be flat, smooth, without burr and crack, the box door shall be closed tightly and the box door shall be opened and closed flexibly


4. The shell of the Ready Board shall be free from damage


5. The specification, model and brand of components in the Ready Board shall be consistent with the design and use requirements The components shall be installed on the vehicle without damage or loss, the wires shall be arranged in order, and the vehicle shall be crimped with product certificate


6. The wiring in the Ready Board shall be neat and free of striation, and bound into bundles. The wires shall be closely connected without joints in the middle of the wires. The opening and closing actions of switches in the box shall be flexible and reliable


7. Sufficient crimping terminals (one line and one terminal) shall be reserved on the working grounding bar and protective grounding bar in the Ready Board. The working grounding, protective grounding and jumper grounding points of the Ready Board shall be identified and the identification shall be standardized and durable


8. The electrical parts in the Ready Board shall be marked, which shall be pasted at the lower end of the operating handle, and the font shall be printed by machine. It shall be firmly fixed and not easy to fall


9. The Ready Board shall be provided with the distribution system diagram, which shall be printed by machine and pasted on the upper left side of the box door, and the diagram shall be fixed, solid and beautiful


10. The power lines of distribution branches in the Ready Board shall not be connected in series. Two conductors with unequal cross-section shall not be pressed on one terminal, and only two conductors with equal cross-section (less than 6 mm2) can be pressed on one terminal at most


11. The material and specification of insulated wires in the Ready Board shall meet the design and use requirements


12. The phase sequence L1 / L2 / L3 is divided into yellow, green and red, and the load distribution between the three phases meets the design requirements. The protective ground wire (PE wire) adopts the insulated conductor with yellow and green colors, and the zero wire adopts the light blue insulated conductor


13. More than 60mm wiring space shall be reserved on both sides of the distribution board in the Ready Board. Enough crimping and fixing space shall be reserved for the upper and lower incoming wires according to the specification and quantity of crimping incoming and outgoing wires


14. The shell of the Ready Board shall be provided with warning signs for safe use of electricity


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