How to prevent electricity stealing by prepaid electricity meter

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    Many customers come to our website to inquire about how to effectively prevent electricity theft with prepaid meters. Today's editor will explain how to effectively prevent electricity theft with prepaid meters.

    1. Security of card data. Although the data of ordinary memory card is encrypted and processed, the microcontroller in IC card prepaid energy meter needs to complete a lot of real-time work, so it can not encrypt the data in a more complex way. In addition, it is not easy to encrypt the energy meter with ordinary memory card, but there will be leakage or decryption, false card, which will cause huge economic loss to the power supply department. Although the logic encryption card can realize one card for one meter, so the system will not crash, but from the port of a memory oscilloscope, it is easy to get the key of each card, so as to steal the electricity meter. The initialization card and production card of the above two kinds of cards form a format, but after leakage or decryption, there is no need to purchase the card and electricity (the meter returns to the production state, and the electricity is in the production state). These will cause huge economic losses to the power supply sector.

    2. The IC card prepayment meter card reading microcontroller program is read, resulting in the encryption elements known to hackers. Due to the tight schedule or unstable production in many watch factories, the card meter microcontroller uses 0tp to record. Many single-chip microcomputers can read the machine code of the solid state and its program because of the comparison in the burning process. Through disassembly, we can get the source program. Through the division of the source program, we can get the methods of stealing electricity and making fake cards wrong.

    3. The anti-interference ability of IC card prepayment watt hour meter and card meter electronic module is poor. If the electronic module card meter has poor adaptability to voltage change (such as collision caused by short time low voltage and abnormal voltage recovery), poor interference ability (such as electronic rectifier, negative ion generator, ultraviolet disinfection lamp, with switch) due to power supply equipment, microwave oven or large load switch, etc., poor anti-interference ability (such as welding, impact drill, transmitting radio near the meter, Mobile phones, etc.) and no damaged electrical equipment, users will not buy card electricity, resulting in the unconscious to steal.

    4. Card table prevents the problem from leaving traces of malicious attack. According to speculation and introduction, malicious attackers will insert metal pieces into the exhibition stand, causing short circuit and short circuit in the exhibition stand. Some nodes burn the main IC with metal hooks and AC 220 V, burn the electronic modules with DC voltage power supply, and add electrostatic high voltage. Ure (such as gas ignition gas) is a main control IC method, such as smashing a trace of the instrument to achieve the purpose of stealing.

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