What is prepaid energy meter and how to pay

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    The promotion of multi-user electricity meters and multi-user prepaid electricity meters is of great significance. It can not only solve the old problem of traditional one meter in China, but also greatly improve the management efficiency and service level of residential electricity.

    The multi-user watt hour meter realizes the multi-purpose mode of one meter, saves a lot of reading time, and the multi-user prepaid watt hour meter realizes the new mode of purchasing power first and then using. Therefore, the multi-user watt hour meter is not only a measuring instrument, but also has the function of remote control and power stealing.

    Compared with traditional mechanical meters, multi-user prepaid meters have obvious advantages. It adopts advanced microelectronics technology to collect, process and save data, and adopts RF card to transmit data, which is small in size, high in security and high in reliability. In addition, the multi-user Prepaid energy meter is small in size and light in weight, so it is easy to install and popularize, and has the characteristics of small starting current, no creep, wide load and low power consumption in performance. With stable overall performance, high reliability and wide range, it can be used for real-time billing and automatic power-off detection, which is an important foundation for China's power grid upgrading and future intelligent field.

    The big advantage of multi-user prepaid electricity meter lies in the prepayment, which has important practical significance in the management of residential electricity in China. It is widely used in schools, apartments, shops and other places, and solves the problem of electricity fee payment in the power management department.

    The realization of independent remote charging and charging with use truly realizes the independence and efficiency, which is the significance of prepaid smart meters.

    The multi-user prepaid electric energy meter supports multi-purpose payment. Users can pre pay through multiple platforms such as Alipay, WeChat, and clients, and can also pay fees to the established business hall. It is not only convenient for residents, but also convenient for power management.

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