How should the three-phase voltage regulator display overvoltage be handled and maintained?

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Some users may have some faults when using the regulator, such as overvoltage display on the screen. For over-voltage display, different manufacturers have different treatment methods. Among them, the voltage regulator can be directly disconnected to restore power supply when the voltage reaches the stable range value of the voltage regulator, or manually start the power supply switch.

1.Reasons for Overvoltage Displayed by Three-phase Voltage Regulator

No matter which three-phase regulator manufacturer produces the regulator, no matter what type of three-phase regulator, there will be some range of voltage regulation. The so-called range of voltage regulation is as follows:

Normal voltage value as the starting point, can accept the voltage ratio of the highest voltage and the lowest voltage. If it exceeds this range, it will be overvoltage, and if it is below this range, it will be undervoltage.

2. Processing Method for Displaying Overvoltage of Three-phase Regulator

For three-phase voltage regulator display overvoltage, it means that when we choose three-phase voltage regulator, the voltage range of three-phase voltage regulator is insufficient. For this reason, we know that the voltage is unstable, but we do not have a good determination of the region's high voltage and minimum voltage value.

3. How to Avoid Display Overvoltage of Three-phase Regulator

Before we buy a three-phase voltage regulator, we need to get the minimum and maximum voltage values of the voltage of all sides of the three-phase voltage regulator to get the fluctuation range of the voltage regulator. A voltage regulator with a wider range than the actual range.

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