What are the requirements for lighting distribution box wiring?

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Lighting distribution box wiring is a very critical step when installing lighting circuits. The following are some basic requirements for wiring:

Select the appropriate wire: The appropriate wire specification should be selected according to the lighting load, and ensure that it meets the national electrical safety standards. The wire should have sufficient insulation strength and heat resistance to ensure safety and reliability.

Selection of terminal blocks: terminal blocks that comply with national electrical safety standards should be selected and ensure that they match the selected wire specifications. The terminals should be fastened firmly to ensure a stable connection.

Marking of cables: The cables connected should be clearly marked to facilitate future maintenance and troubleshooting.

Make sure the wiring is correct: During the wiring process, you should ensure that the connection is correct to avoid reverse or wrong connection of the wires. After the wiring is completed, the wiring should be tested and checked to ensure the stability and safety of the circuit.

In short, when wiring the lighting distribution box, appropriate wires and terminals should be selected, and the wiring should be carried out in strict accordance with the national electrical safety standards. At the same time, the wiring should be marked and tested to ensure the stability and safety of the circuit.

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