Wiring Of Neutral Block In Distribution Box

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Whether the neutral line of each circuit in the distribution box needs to be connected to the neutralblock does not depend on the neutral block, but depends on the type of switch in the distribution box. The type of switch here is actually the connection type of the switch. In a specific point, that is, the switch input line and outlet line have several terminal blocks, which lines can be connected to determine.

We take the common 1p air switch as an example. This kind of 1p air switch was very commonly used in the family before. The inlet end and outlet end of the 1p air switch have only one terminal, so its incoming end is the incoming line connected to the live wire, and the outgoing end is the outgoing line connected to the live wire, so there is no place for the neutral line to be connected. So at this time, its neutral line needs to be connected to the neutral line.

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